Celebration International School

Strong foundations make great buildings!

Principal’s Welcome Note

Celebration International School is an exciting place where learning, playing, exploring and serving others take place.  With our strong curriculums parents can choose the best path for their child and will receive expert knowledgeable, qualified support and guidance throughout the academic years.

Children learn through play and there are many fun and interesting activities throughout the day that encourage the students to explore their world.  We look at the whole child – spirit, soul and body.  With the support of our Senior Pastors who make available many resources to minister to the students who in turn minister to others.

Our school is a happy place with lots going on where we fulfil our mission to develop global citizens, with a Biblical worldview, a passion for learning, academic excellence and a servant leadership heart.  Our mandate to reform the nation of Zimbabwe through education is a challenging and fulfilling task that is seen every day in the hearts and lives of our students.

Join us and you and your child’s lives will be changed forever….

School Principal

Pastor Mandy Gray

What We Offer

American Education

  • K3 –  12
  • American common core standards
  • Preparing students to be life-long learners with a Biblical Worldview

Biblically Integrated Cambridge

  • Form 1 – U6
  • Biblically integrated ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level  Qualifications
  • Preparing school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning.


  • Gr 4 – 12
  • A Beka Curriculum
  • The teacher lectures are delivered via DVD, with a one-on-one teacher support and supervision in the classroom.
  • Students will require their own laptop and headphones.

Current Highlights


From the 23rd to the 26th of May, Celebration Ministries held their annual ACTION conference; however, this was a special one as it was celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the ACTION conference. It had a great impact on the congregation and CIS was fortunate enough to be included in this conference as they did the flag procession on the second night.  We are called to serve and in our service, we find our calling.

Playground Equipment

Celebration Children’s Ministries and CIS were donated playground equipment by Nathan and Lindsay Moore.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their wonderful donation.

School News

Celebration International School has introduced new clubs: the table tennis club and the dancing club. The dancing club is for the juniors, and table tennis is for the seniors. Special thanks to Celebration School for adding two more clubs, as students now have more options to choose from.

Upcoming Events

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Term Calendar

Term Start: Tuesday 09 January 2018

Mid Term Break: Friday 16 February – Wednesday 21 February

Term End: Wednesday 28 March 2018

Term Start: Tuesday 08 May 2018

Mid Term Break

Term End: Thursday 09 August 2018

Term Start: Tuesday 11 September 2018

Mid Term Break

Term End: Thursday 06 December 2018


I started at Celebration International School (CIS) when I was in the fifth grade. At this time it was lead by a small group of ambitious people that had a global vision and the audacity to actually go after it. At the tender age of 10, I had joined something greater than I had the intellectual maturity to understand at the time, but it is an adventure that I am continuously reaping the benefits of, and will always be grateful for.

Joshua Strydom, joshuastrydom.com

Pulling Ropafadzo out of one Zimbabwe's most sought after Private Sch was not an easy decision. The established system offered excellent sporting and educational facilities and a sense of pride to be a part of it, that we and moreso our son Ropafadzo cherished. And yet the call to distinction was nagging. For the man, we believe God has called our son to be,we needed an environment that would nurture the leader in him and afford him the opportunity to grow and mature as the unique leader God called him to be. We found a haven in CIS. The Christian Based curriculum they offer helped enforce the values we upheld as believers and sharpened Ropafadzo's worldview towards godliness. The teacher's genuine and intimate involvement in the children's lives helped our son to thrive and provided a platform for him to realize that he is uniquely called and does not need to try and fit in to an image. Being Headboy of the school which encompasses pre schoolers right up to grade 12 has presented him a unique opportunity to learn servant leadership he otherwise would not have had. In this environment you see little preschoolers running up to Ropafadzo, a skill he will take into life because in the real world those who get ahead are those who have mastered social skills. Through the sporting opportunities the School offers our son was able to represent the country at national and regional level. Not only did Ropafadzo achieve excellence in sports he graduates with GPA of 4.0. There is much that we sacrificed to be at CIS, indeed there were some opportunities that Ropafadzo just could not access being in a smaller school.Yet for all that's been " lost", we know Ropafadzo has gained so much more. Of special note is he has gained his soul and to that there is no price Matthew 16:26

Rutendo Mtungwazi