When a child arrives at Celebration International School, he or she starts out on their journey with us, where the school, church and community work together to guide each student towards the discovery of their own unique set of God-given talents.  When the same child leaves Celebration International School, we want them to be excited about their learning, to be thinking, enquiring young people with a thirst for knowledge and equipped with the skills to find out more about the world. We want them to have developed an understanding of what it means to be an active member of a worshipping community and to hold a wider sense of service.  We want your children to leave our school with a biblical worldview.

We demand high standards of our children in terms of how they learn, work and play.  In return, we strive to give them the very best that we can offer.

We hope this handbook helps you to see how we work together – children, staff and parents – to create and maintain a sense of community, security and collaboration; how we put spirituality at the centre of what we do every day and how we encourage thinking, success and – above all – celebration.

Celebration International School is a joyous, thriving institution where we all put our soul into all that we do.  It is an exciting, energizing place to learn as well as being a rewarding place to work – we hope that when you join us, you will sense what a wonderful school it is.

In His Service

Pastor Tom & Bonnie Deuschle

“Building People, Building Dreams, Building The Kingdom Of God”